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History and Hopes

Nancy Hiller (author, designer, cabinet maker, instructor – just to name a few) investigated the connection between the recent addition of Pine Croft to Berea College’s long history.  We’re grateful Nancy took the time and effort to research this piece and the connections between the college and the woodworking school.  There’s plenty of woodworking within it, but there’s also reference to societal  challenges and the work being done here at Berea to address it.  Please take a moment to read it, if you’re at all interested in the woodworking history here in Berea (or are just a fan of Nancy’s skillful writing).  Link to post at Lost Art Press.

[Note: Nancy died in the summer of 2022.  Her legacy is ever with us – through her writings, her woodwork, and the multitudes of people she encouraged and inspired.  If you haven’t before, I invite you to look through Nancy’s site for a glimpse of her courage, her willingness to share her wisdom with the woodworking community, and her enormous impact to the craft field.]

-andy glenn