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In 1977 Kelly Mehler began his career as a professional woodworker and opened his first shop here in Berea in 1978.  In the decades that followed both Kelly and Teri have been essential members and leaders within the craft community of Berea and have openly shared their kind, generous energy with woodworkers around the country.

In 2007 Kelly and Teri opened the Kelly Mehler School of Woodworking next to their home alongside Berea College’s forest and set an incredible standard of excellence for education and hospitality.  The amazing instructors Kelly and Teri brought to the school attracted students from all over the country, but we believe that more than anything it was Kelly and Teri themselves that made the school such a success. Their kindness, caring, knowledge, and generosity brought students back time and again, and helped foster a wonderful community.

The Mehler’s involvement has been invaluable to Berea College as we have worked to reopen the school, and we will continue to strive towards the legacy that Kelly and Teri achieved.  It was a great honor to have Kelly teaching the first class at Pine Croft in July of 2019, and we are so grateful to have him on the schedule for 2020.