Aspen Golann

Aspen Golann is an artist and studio furniture maker, currently living in Penland, NC where she runs the Wood Studio at The Penland School of Craft. She specializes in 17th & 18th century style furniture which she blends with a background in fine art, sculpture and textiles.

Aspen holds a degree from the acclaimed North Bennet Street School in Boston, MA where she studied American Period Furniture. Golann’s work has been exhibited nationally and is published in Fine Woodworking Magazine, American Period Furniture, Lost Art Press Blog, Luxe Magazine, Art New England, and artscope. She teaches at many craft schools around the country including Penland School of Craft, Haystack School of Crafts, Lie Nielsen Tool Works, Florida School of Woodwork, Austin School of Furniture & Design, and A Workshop of Our Own. She has received funding for her work from The Massachusetts Cultural Council, The Society of American Period Furniture Makers, Anderson Ranch Art Center, The Maloof Foundation and was awarded the 2020 John D. Mineck Furniture Fellowship by The Society of Arts & Crafts. She serves on the board of A Workshop of Our Own and as an ambassador to the board of Fine Woodworking Magazine.

Megan Fitzpatrick

Megan Fitzpatrick is the publisher at Rude Mechanicals Press and a peripatetic woodworking instructor and freelance writer/editor; she is a former editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, and now writes a monthly blog for Fine Woodworking. She lives in Cincinnati where she’s renovating a 1905 house, but can usually be found in the Lost Art Press shop in Covington, Ky.
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Andy Glenn

Andy Glenn joined the team at Berea College Student Craft in the summer of 2017. Since Andy's arrival, the Woodcraft program has begun a return to traditional joinery, hand tool instruction and use, and a re-commitment to the pursuit of excellence that made Berea synonymous with quality handcraft. Andy came to Berea after spending 14 years in the northeast (first in Boston, then Maine), where he trained at the North Bennet Street School (NBSS) before working in repair, cabinet and furniture shops. For ten years, he has taught continuing education classes at NBSS and as a guest instructor in the Cabinet and Furniture Making program. He is excited to help lead the school going forward: "Berea is a welcoming place with amazing creative energy and dedication to craft. We hope to embody those same traits in the school: genuine hospitality, sense of community, and high quality craft.” ~Andy Glenn