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B. Terry Ratliff

Terry has held tight to the traditional ways of chair making passed down by our Appalachian ancestors. As a child, his father and uncles guided him though the woods to learn the best use of each type of tree in these hills.

From the hand crafted log home he raised his children in, to the high chairs where they sat. On to the wooden horses they rocked upon and the hand woven baskets they collected their eggs in. Terry is a true workhorse who raised his family by the world of woodworking and shared his knowledge for all to gather.

Keeping our roots strong by using his master craftsmanship and passing down his skills to his kids and grandkids; He has dedicated his life to working the grain of the trees pulled down by his own two hands.

New Bio pic for Andy Glenn

Andy Glenn

Andy Glenn joined the team at Berea College Student Craft in the summer of 2017. Since Andy's arrival, the Woodcraft program has begun a return to traditional joinery, hand tool instruction and use, and a re-commitment to the pursuit of excellence that made Berea synonymous with quality handcraft. Andy came to Berea after spending 14 years in the northeast (first in Boston, then Maine), where he trained at the North Bennet Street School (NBSS) before working in repair, cabinet and furniture shops. For ten years, he has taught continuing education classes at NBSS and as a guest instructor in the Cabinet and Furniture Making program. He is excited to help lead the school going forward: "Berea is a welcoming place with amazing creative energy and dedication to craft. We hope to embody those same traits in the school: genuine hospitality, sense of community, and high quality craft.” ~Andy Glenn

Rob Spiece

Now the Head of Woodcraft at Berea College, Rob has been a studio furniture maker and teacher for the past 15 years. After moving from Pennsylvania to Kentucky, he now enjoys a creekside home where he spends most mornings and evenings enjoying the sounds of running water while trying to catch a glimpse of the beavers that make their home in its banks. Rob’s furniture has been wide and varied, but unique domestic materials and traditional joinery have always been at the heart of it. You can find him published in Woodcraft Magazine, Fine Woodworking and Furniture & Cabinetmaking. In 2020, he was awarded the Wharton Esherick Prize for Excellence in Wood at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.

Joshua Wetherington

Joshua Wetherington is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and craftsperson who lives and works in Central Kentucky. Originally from the deserts of Southern California, he finds Kentucky’s lush biodiversity a major source of inspiration. Joshua’s only formal woodworking training was a high school shop class that taught him the fundamentals of machine powered woodworking. This sparked an interest that has lived with him, and has only grown throughout the 20 years since he took that class. Joshua currently enjoys both machine powered and hand tool woodworking with an emphasis in manual wood carving. Most recently, he has ventured away from a more “traditional woodworking” path in an attempt to blur the line between art and craft.