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Pine Croft Class Update


Our plan is to open class registration for the 2021 season on October 15th.  We’ll announce the schedule and guest instructors ahead of that date.  I’m working on lining up our guest instructors at this time… the schedule will be similar to 2020, but not exactly the same.  You can expect a full range of furniture classes – cases and chairs, skills based classes and project based ones.  There will be offerings that cover a range of interests and skills.  We plan on having Tuesday evening presentations from our guest instructors, free and open to  anyone interested.

We’ll release the schedule in October so that everyone can plan for the upcoming year.  We will take a cautious approach.  That will mean our registration and cancellation policy will change, making it easier for everyone involved to adapt if the conditions call for it.

If you are interested in receiving communication about the upcoming schedule and events at the school, please register here (we’ll keep your info private and you’ll receive minimal notifications from us – just enough to keep you updated on the happenings at Pine Croft).

Questions or thoughts? Please contact us.  Our email and phone numbers are on the contact page.  We’d like to hear from you.

All that said, we’re excited and optimistic for the 2021 season.  Hope to see you in the spring!

-andy glenn