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Peter Galbert’s Milk Paint Finish

Peter Galbert was originally scheduled to teach here in Berea this week – a seven-day class on the fan back or hoop back Windsor chair.  We wish we could safely get together to split the log and carve the pine seats, all in the hustle to leave on Saturday afternoon with a shapely chair.  Hopefully next season.

While we are quiet, Peter has put together a video series on milk paint, the finish he uses on his Windsors.  If you’ve ever used the paint before, you know that it can be temperamental and unforgiving.   It’s not until the end of the finishing process, until after the oil is added to add depth and make the colors “pop” that the success (or failure) of the paint job becomes apparent.  I enjoy a little risk and magic during the making process, but prefer to have absolute confidence the finish is going to work once it get to that point in the project.

Peter’s videos take that mystery out of the equation.  His finishes achieve a richness and depth that enhance the beauty of his chairs.  He goes through the entire process of finishing, starting at the equipment and supplies he uses, continuing with how he mixes and applies the paint, and he completes the video with an explanation of the oil varnish he uses at a top coat.   The two videos come with the purchase – the first one showcasing the classic black over red process.  The second video, available soon, will discuss more challenging colors and combinations.

Milk paint is far different than oil and latex varieties.  There is a learning curve with it.  It is not overly difficult to use, but use incorrect steps or a paint of poor consistency and you won’t reach the level of finish you are striving for.  Peter shares his knowledge and experiences here in an entertaining format that will help you get the best results from milk paint.

The cost is $39.99 for the two videos.

-andy glenn