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With the school quiet right now as we await and adjust to the current situation, we thought we would highlight some of the good woodwork happening around us.  Brian Boggs, chairmaker (among many other things) of Asheville, NC recently posted a video in which discussed his the evolution of his chair designs.  In the 27 minute video, Brian talks through three chairs he’s built over his career- the iconic Jennie Alexander chair, his Berea ladderback and the chair he’s currently focused on – the Cio chair.  He connects the thread of continuity  from his earliest chairs up to today’s contemporary designs.  It’s fascinating to hear his approach, as he’s dedicated decades to thinking through chairs, their designs, and how to push forward with new ideas.

I’ll need to rewatch his short demonstration once more about the Cio chair – there’s so much new in the construction and approach that I didn’t take it all in the first viewing.  In a way the approach reminded me of David Savage’s work, captured beautifully in The Intelligent Hand, in the way Brian uses new materials and techniques to make this wooden chair truly different from his previous post-and-rung designs.

There’s a lot packed into the 27 minutes.  If you’re interested in chairs then there’s something in there for you.  I’m hoping this becomes a more frequent series and am looking forward to the next installment.

Link to Brian’s video. 

andy glenn