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*Dawson’s coming for a second session of utensil carving after the first class filled.  We hope you’ll join Dawson in Berea, KY for three days of carving.

Dates: June 20, 21, & 22, 2023

Instructor: Dawson Moore

Cost: $485

Class Description:

This class is oriented to beginner and intermediate carvers. We’ll make sure everyone gets comfortable with the basic knife grips while also having time to explore more advanced approaches to carving like steam bending blanks and using a spoon mule. Similar to a shavehorse, a spoon mule is a foot powered clamping device that frees both hands to use powerful and efficient tools like drawknives, long-handled hook knives, and spokeshaves. Spoon mules can help relieve some of the strains of typical hand carving, and can also add speed and efficiency to your work. We’ll be learning drawknife carving techniques on both shavehorses and spoon mules. We’ll work through successive projects building skills at each stage. We’ll move from practice sticks to butter spreaders, spatulas, and finally to spoons. Time and skill level permitting, there will be opportunity to also work on chopsticks and forks.

In this class we will:

  • Work with green wood fresh from a log
  • Focus on gaining proficiency with a drawknife and Sloyd knife
  • Get to try spokeshaves and hook knives at the spoon mule
  • Learn how to read wood grain and understand its effects on how our tools engage with it
  • Discuss wood species suitable for spoon carving
  • Discuss spoon & utensil design
  • Watch and discuss how to sharpen a drawknife & other tools
  • Discuss various finish options for completed utensils
  • Watch a steam bending demo and get to perform a bend
  • Carve several utensils, potentially including a full eating set, dependant on skill level

Tool List: The instructor will be providing all needed tools for this class. They will be sharp and of professional quality. In addition, students are welcome to bring their own tools whether for personal use or just to learn more about them.

Provided by Instructor:

  • Sloyd Carving Knives
  • Hook Knives
  • Drawknives
  • Spokeshaves
  • Spoon Mules
  • Shaving Horses
  • Utensil Templates
  • Sharpies/Pencils