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Dates: June 26 – 30, 2023.

Instructor: Will Myers

Course Description:  The Moravian workbench is an excellent traditional design that fits well in the modern woodworker shop. Based on a workbench in the collection at Old Salem North Carolina dating from around 1800 that was meant to be transportable with minimum fuss. All that is required to assemble or disassemble are a few mallet taps taking only a minute or so. The bench we will build is six foot long and weighs in around 200 pounds.

This is a five-day class consisting of chopping and rip sawing twenty large mortise and tenons of varying shapes and sizes so be sure you are up to the task!

Tool List (bring what you have, we’ll have others to share):

  • Full size hand saws, rip and x-cut
  • Back saws, rip and x-cut
  • 1” and ¾” chisels (long firmer style is best if you have them)
  • Mallet
  • Two pin adjustable mortise gauge and cutting gauge
  • Bit brace (12” preferably) 1” and 5/8” augers
  • Measuring tools, folding or tape rule, and a ruler
  • Try square or machinist square, bevel and framing square
  • Hand Planes-Jack, Jointer, smoother and block.
  • 3/8” Mortise chisel
  • Marking Knife
  • Optional-shoulder plane or 10 ½ rabbet plane

Class cost includes: all wood/timber for the bench construction (likely ash and red oak) and a Leg Vise.  (Note: the wagon vise is not included in this build.  Please contact Will Myers if you’re interested in inquiring about the wagon vise).

Lunches provided.