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Above photo of Terry and student used with permission of Greenwood Wrights’Fest

Additional Images of Terry’s Work and Style:


Green Wood Stool Making

Terry Ratliff

November 5th and 6th, 2022



An introduction to post and rung, green wood joinery with decorated Eastern Kentucky chairmaker Terry Ratliff.

Students will construct a handy stool employing timeless chair making joinery techniques that will need no glue screws or metal fasteners.  The woven hickory bark for the seating will be on hand and students will learn about tree selection and harvesting technique. Weaving of the subtle leather like material for a durable and lasting seat will be a final step in creation of this heirloom quality foot stool.

An attraction of this age old joinery is its simplicity requiring only a few hand tools. A small ax or hatchet, draw knife, saw ( optional) and brace and bit ( drill ).  Most were, in the not so distant past, finds at flea markets or estate sales. Instructors will advise on what a good find looks like and tools will be in hand for the class.
Lunch provided.
Required Tools:
  • small axe or hatchet
  • draw knife
  • saw (optional)
  • brace and bit (optional)

please contact Andy Glenn ( with any questions