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Andy chiseling

April 18, 2020

Andy Glenn

Sharpening: Chisels and Plane Irons

$150 (total cost including instruction and materials)


Using hand tools is a wonderful experience but dull tools can be a bummer.  It saps the fun (and results) from using the tool. And if you use hand tools, or desire to in the future, then the ability to sharpen is a must.

The goal for this one-day class is to develop the skills to quickly and consistently bring a sharp edge back to a dull tool.  A sharper plane iron means cleaner shavings and a fine edge on chisels leads to crisper cuts and more control of the tool. Sharp edges are also safer than dull ones, as it’s much easier to push a freshly tuned chisel through wood than it is a dull one.

Please bring in your dull chisels or planes.  We’ll primarily focus on chisels and plane irons during the class, though the techniques and principles are relevant for other cutting tools as well (heck, bring your other cutting tools in – we’ll take a look at them and diagnose how to sharpen or rehab them).

A fully catered lunch is included and served every day and drinks and snacks are provided all day. Please let us know in advance of any special dietary needs. It is a good idea to make your lodging reservations well in advance.

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