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2023 classes at Pine Croft

We’ve reached that point in the fall again!

Class registration opens Saturday, November 19th at 10 am.  Our class listings for early 2023 are all up on the site and we’re ready to start sign ups.

You can find our full list for 2023 on our “Course Descriptions” page.  We’ll begin a waiting list for each course fills.

We’ve got an outstanding group of guest instructors and a full range of classes next year (though you may see a chair making flurry early in the season….sometimes happy accidents happen when making the schedule).  I’m grateful to work beside them during their classes in Berea.

Each class offers combinations of creativity, craftsmanship, and skill building (all wrapped into a challenging project).  And while class approaches the craft diffenently – the artistry of Katie’s furniture-like pieces are decidely different than Will Myer’s bench making class – each of the coming courses at Pine Croft have a traditional woodworking foundation.

This is what excites me about our classes next year.  Each guest maker applies their skills in different ways, often a balance of artistic creation with a traditional craft base.  It’s my hope that our offerings resonate with the Pine Croft community.  This is an opportunity to learn alongside our instructors: learn the subtleties of chairmaking from Aspen and Kelly, practice the sublime crispness of utensil carving with Dawson, the relaxed chill that Rob inparts into his work, the strength in creating a shop essential (the workbench) with Will, and expressive box making with Katie.

I’m sprinkled throughout our schedule as well and am jazzed (and already a little nervous) for a “Grand Rocker” class in mid-June.

I hope to see many of you back at Pine Croft again next year.  Thank you for making Pine Croft’s first full year a huge success and traveling to our little piece of the woods to workwork along side us.

As always, please reach out to me with any questions.  glenna[at]

I hope to hear from you and see you in the shop next year.

Andy Glenn