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Date(s): June 3 though June 5. 9am – 5pm. Three class days

Instructor: Andy Glenn

Cost: $625

Location: Berea College Woodcraft

Description: An ideal class for anyone interested in woodturning and lathe use. We’ll structure the class into three parts:

  • Day One: learning the lathe and practicing different cuts and techniques. We’ll also cover safety and sharpening on day one.
  • Day Two: Parts making. We’ll shape the legs, stretchers and top of our tables.
  • Day Three: Complete the parts and assemble.

Wood turning is a great entry point into woodworking and furniture making. It’s fun, that’s the best thing about it. And it’s also immediate. As you learn and become more comfortable at the lathe, you’ll produce pieces at a quickening pace.

We’ll cover the all the basics of spindle turning in this class and end with a charming side table. Going forward after the class, there are plenty of directions to continue with turning: more furniture, bowl turning, balusters, vessels, or rolling pins. The lathe opens all sorts of design possibilities for furniture and craft pieces.

Lunches provided.

Tool List:

Tape Measure


Combination Square