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Joshua Wetherington

Sloyd Carving

December 3rd



Learn the basics of hand carving while creating your own little bird friend.

This class will provide a beginners guide to 3-dimensional wood carving using a small set of hand tools, including a sloyd knife, gouge and v-gouge. I will also be demonstrating how to “rough-out” your carving on the bandsaw. We will safely work with this core set of hand tools, learns basic grips and techniques for efficiently using the carving tools and understands how these tools interact with your materials.
Wood and paints provided during class.  Everyone carves at a different paces  I’ll have the paints and finishing supplies for the last of the afternoon.  It’s my intention that we all go home with a fully carved and painted bird.

Required Tools:

  • Sloyd Knife
  • V-Tool
  • Gouge

Lunch Provided.

  • please contact Andy Glenn ( with any questions about this class