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Date(s): November 7 through November 12, 2022. Six class days. 9am – 5pm

Cost: $1225

Instructor: Andy Glenn

Description: This class is designed for anyone interested in a full week immersion into a furniture making workshop. The class is designed to use both machine tools and hand tools in making a small, dovetailed keepsake box. The box will be a collection of all the skills and techniques we cover throughout the week.

We’ll work together, generally following this schedule:

  • Monday: Hand tool discussion and sharpening our chisels
  • Tuesday: Machine Room; milling parts for the tripod table, covering common machinery in a woodworking shop
  • Wednesday: Lathe work; turn parts for a tripod table
  • Thursday: Table assembly and hand tool practice
  • Friday: Dovetail box
  • Saturday: Dovetail box

This class is about skills, techniques and a couple projects. My hope, after going through this class, is that you will feel comfortable returning to your shop to make your next project.

The hand tool list is needed for constructing the small box. The tools are not specialized for this class though. They are tools commonly found within a furniture making kit. We’ll have extra to share if your kit is incomplete.

It’s my intention that we have a conversation, either before or after you register for the class, to discuss the tool kit.  Recommending tools is tricky….there are good hand tools, though they are most often expensive.  Then there are cheaper tools, which require more effort to set up and (frequently) don’t do the intended task as well as the higher priced tool.  But there are exceptions, especially among used tools.  My hope is that you purchase tools to fit your intentions going forward (no point in spending a fortune if you’re testing out whether you enjoy woodworking…likewise, no reason to purchase cheaply made tools if you want to collect tools to last your lifetime).  It is nuanced, and is why I’d love to discuss tools before you purchase tools for this class.  My email:

Lunch and materials provided in  class cost.

Tool List:


chisels (1/4″, 1/2″ and 1″ or equivalent sizes)

hand plane: either a #3 or #4

dovetail saw

marking gauge (a cutting gauge with a knife instead of a pin)

combination square

bevel gauge

card scraper

mallet (we have extras as well)

tape measure


safety glasses

hearing protection

sharpening stone (if you have one…no need to purchase one if you do not)