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Date(s): Saturday, June 18th. 9am until 5pm.

Class Title: Harvesting Hickory Bark

Cost: $185

Instructor: Andy Glenn

Class Description: In this one-day class, we will harvest hickory bark within the Berea College forest.

Bark is a traditional material for the woven-bottomed ladderback chairs commonly found within Appalachia. The bark, incredibly tough when dry yet flexible and pliable while still wet, is labor-intensive to collect. A smooth barked tree is felled before the crusty outer bark is shaved with the drawknife to reveal the light-colored inner bark. The inner bark is peeled and stored until use. Attendees will keep the bark they peel.

This is a physical class, working on the forest floor or with with smaller poles propped up for easier access. Please bring a water bottle and wear longer pants.

Lunch provided.

Required Tools: Drawknife. Utility knife. Work gloves. Tape measure

Other supplies: Work cloths. Please wear long pants.