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 Candle Box

Kelly Mehler

October 7 & 8, 2023

Class Description: Candle boxes are simple, eye-catching, and useful. You can easily incorporate this box into many household uses. With only six parts, you will fully construct and finish this project during this two day class.

The candle box is a great project for incorporating a variety of woodworking skills. The box displays bookmatched parts, hand-cut dovetails, and a hinged top. The skills that you learn while making this project will be used again and again in other projects large and small.

The materials, including the hardware, will be provided for you. You will learn to:

  • re-saw the rough pieces from a block of wood to obtain a beautiful wood match.
  • layout through-dovetails.
  • hand saw and chisel dovetails.
  • cut and fit the dovetails.
  • install hinges.

By the end of the class sessions you will gain helpful foundational skills to reinforce your woodworking repertoire.

Tool List:

Tools and supplies to bring IF you have them: (There will be extra tools on hand for you to try or use and can recommend sources if you need help.)

  • Dovetail saw
  • Dovetail marker or a bevel gauge
  • Cutting Gauge (The wheel type work the best.)
  • Dead Blow Hammer (12-16 oz) NOT a rubber mallet
  • 2” or 3” steel square
  • 6” or smaller combination square
  • Tape measure (smaller is better)
  • Pencils
  • 6” Rule
  • Mallet for striking chisels (A round carver’s type works well.)
  • Sharp basic chisel set (We are set up for some sharpening.)
  • Safety Gear: safety glasses, dust mask, hearing protection

All power tools and consumable supplies will be supplied.

Lunches provided.