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Dates: July 10 – 14, 2023

Instructor: Katie Hudnall

Cost: $1,300

Class Description:

In this class students will learn to make a small box with a hinging lid utilizing a bandsaw box technique, and then have a chance to decorate these with milk paints, and a sturdy clear finish.

Hinges and moving parts in wood can be fussy and require a level of precision and accuracy that can be hard to achieve for those just starting out. On the other hand, making a band saw box can be one of the simplest and least complicated ways to make a box in wood, but they aren’t thought of as being precision objects. We will use a combination of milled and band-sawn parts to get the accuracy we need for the hinge without losing the simplicity and delight in making a quick and lovely box from scratch. My goal is that students of all levels can leave this class with both a great, useful box, and a better sense of how to get more from their personal shops – a band saw, a drill press and a bit of time is all you need!

Students of all levels are welcome, and we’ll be covering the following:

  • Wood basics (grain direction, why it works the way it works)
  • Milling rough wood (safe use of machines including jointer, planer, table saw)
  • One way of making a band saw box (and discussions, examples of others)
  • Accurately making hinges, drilling for hinge-pins, etc.
  • Decorative surfaces using milk paints, various drawing supplies, and a conversation about simple clear finishes, from paste wax to rattle-can lacquers

Tool List (bring what you have and we’ll share our shop kit of tools):

  • chisels, awl, combination squares (6” is fine), drawing compass, clamps, and shaping tools if desired, such as gouges, rasps and sandpaper

Lunches provided.

Questions: email Andy Glenn at for more information.