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The Woodworking School at Pine Croft

Berea College re-opened the former Kelly Mehler School of Woodworking in 2019 under the leadership of Berea College former Head of Woodcraft Andy Glenn as The Woodworking School at Pine Croft. Both Andy and Berea College are dedicated to preserving the fundamental character the school has been known for as we move the school into its next phase.  The Woodworking School at Pine Croft further supports Berea College’s 120-year commitment to the preservation and promotion of craft.

Our Mission

While in some ways woodworking is an individual pursuit, there are common traits that connect across makers: a desire to expand our skills, furnish our homes, surround ourselves with the handmade, and join a community of dedicated craftspeople. We believe that craft can both preserve traditions and beauty – and that craft can act as a counterbalance to a disposable and consumer-reliant world. Making is essential to us. We are excited to share a place where students can grow in their skills and fulfill their creative pursuits. Providing opportunities to work with leading instructors who come from diverse backgrounds and have different woodworking perspectives. All are welcome to attend.