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Rob Spiece

Director of Pine Croft, Director of Woodcraft

I moved to Berea in the December of 2021 to join Berea College Student Craft – an amazingly talented group of studio craft professionals and students all working toward an inspiring and empowering mission.

I started my woodworking career as an apprentice to a studio furniture maker back in 2006.  After spending a few years learning and exploring, I began making work professionally in 2009.  At the same time, I found teaching to be a foundational part of my work.  Between 2009 and 2021, I made custom commissioned furniture of all types for clients across the country.  You can find my work in the pages of Fine Woodworking, Woodcraft Magazine, and Furniture & Cabinetmaking.

In 2023 I was hired as the Director of Pine Croft.  It’s my goal to continue to the excellent tradition my predecessors have set forth.  Pine Croft is a special place and those of you that have been here understand it.  For those that haven’t been here, I hope you can make it one day.  I’ll continue to offer classes that push your skills to a new place – in an environment that is friendly, challenging, and supportive.