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It’s chair season….




It just so happened that we have a handful of chairmaking classes in the coming months.  Nothing planned; just something that came together.  In addition to The Chairmaker’s Toolbox joining Pine Croft in early March to put on a scholarship class, we have a nice selection of other opportunities that begin with Aspen Golann’s Windor Chair class (starting February 27th).

I also have a couple chair classes coming up at Pine Croft.  Starting with a 3-slat ladder back class in mid-March and a “grand rocker” class in June.  These classes are all starting to fill but (currently) have availability.

Each is ideal for a first chair while still challenging a more experienced maker.  The rocker class is a little more advanced, though still accessible to most makers.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions about the classes.

While we’d love to see you at Pine Croft, we know that isn’t always possible.  There are other great chair making opportunities upcoming this spring and summer.  Check out these classes from wonderful instructors and their beautiful chairs.

  • Eric Cannizzaro (Charlotte, VT).   Windsor and ladder back chairs.
  • Greg Pennington (Hendersonville, TN).  Gorgeous traditional and contempory Windsor chairs.
  • Travis Curtis (TN).  Ladder backs.
  • Pete Galbert (Rollinsford, NH).  Deep insight and love for all things Windsor chairs.  Intentional, considered designs and details.
  • Andy Jack (East Canaan, CT).  Windsors.
  • David Douyard (Pine Meadow, CT) Ladder backs and Windsors.
  • Chris Schwarz (Covington, KY) Stick chairs.  Chris teaches full classes from time-to-time.  He’ll announce at his blog at Lost Art Press if/when he teaches.
  • Aspen Golann – Aspen teaches around the country.  Check out her full schedule if you can’t make her class at Pine Croft.

This is just the top of my head.  There are more out there; some I know, many I don’t.  Check for local woodworking clubs and schools in your area.  Or send me a message.  I’m always happy to talk chairs and learn of other makers.

Hope to see you at Pine Croft once the weather warms.

andy glenn (